Sort, track, assign reps and apply marketing campaigns to your customers from the moment they make contact.


Customize the stages of your sales pipeline

Your pipeline is a custom visual representation of your sales process fit to how you work. Create stages based on the steps you take to win deals, or choose one of our simple templates.


Focus on actions

Actions include anything that moves your deals toward closing. It can be a phone call, appointment, SMS, email or anything in between. Assign activities to every contact and Nurch will remind you what to do next.


Track progress towards your goals

As you do activities and drive deals forward, Nurch monitors your performance like a coach. Know how many new leads are in your pipeline and activities to complete to meet your targets. You're dashboard shows if you’re on track, or if another action is needed.


Optimize and grow

No more wishful thinking. Create automated administrative tasks for consistent engagement with your customers. All that remains is for you to think bigger.

Common Pipeline Questions

Nurch integrates with industry-leading business applications